Who We Are

Sang Moo Kwan Kumdo Club is a not-for-profit organization to promote health, to pursue a way of life, and to build friendships by practicing Kumdo(Kendo).

We practice classical Kumdo. Kumdo is Korean pronunciation for Japanese Kendo. We respect courtesy among members yet we are flexible enough to accommodate individual situations.

Our style is rather traditional - i.e., we emphasize correct postures, a certain elegance of motion and the beauty in the execution of strikes. We also strive for excellence in sparrings and competitions.

Over the years, we have become more like an adult Kumdo(Kendo) club, yet anyone is welcome who is serious about learning and practicing Kumdo(Kendo).


The Sang Moo Kwan Kumdo Club was opened on January 3, 1993 by Master Songshik Yoon at Kwon's Martial Arts Studio in Manhasset, Long Island New york. It was the first Kumdo Dojang(Kendo Dojo) to be initiated by Korean masters and members in New York metropolitan area. We practiced in Manhasset until the end of 2003. From 2004 until the present, we have been meeting at our current location in New Hyde Park, Long Island New York. Since our opening, many people have learned and practiced Kumdo(Kendo) in our Dojang(Dojo), and several members have become masters themselves and opened up their own studios.


Grand Master - SongShik Yoon

Master Yoon started his Kumdo training in his Middle School in Busan, Korea. He was a student of venerated master Ho Moon Do. The name Sang Moo Kwan reflects this lineage. He has trained many Kumdo practitioners, while continuing to perfect his art.

Master - Young Joon Yoo

Master Yoo has been receiving training and training others ever since the club was opened. Moreover he has been instrumental in keeping the organization active to this day.

Secretary - Sang Uk Lee

Although Mr. Lee also started his Kumdo study in his Middle School in Seoul, Korea, he has learned the essence of Kumdo from Grand Master Songshik Yoon.

Overall we have a combined experience of over 40 years - experience from which you can benefit by training with us.

Korea Times article, 1999

Affiliated Dojangs

  New Jersey Sang Moo Kwan

  Grand Master - John Daeyang Yim

  279 Country Rd. Demarest, New Jersey
  Please Contact Master Yim for the other
  locations in NJ and schedules.
  Call (201) 370-4422

  Kwon's Martial Arts Academy

  Grand Master - Hyuk Yoon Kwon

  8 Hillcrest Ave, Manhasset, New York
  Master Kwon offers Classic Tangsoodo and
  Haedongkumdo (Korean sword art).
  Call (516) 627-1122

  Chun Moo Kwan

  Master - Kye Sik Won

  33-57 58th St. Woodside, New York
  Schedule - Mon, Wed, Sat 7:30-9:00 pm
  Call (917) 519-1960

  Soung Kwang Kwan

  Master - Sung Hwan Choi

  38-20 Bell Blvd. Bayside, New York
  Schedule - Tue, Fri, Sat 8:15-10:30 pm
  Call (718) 762-3300

Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church

This is the church where we use the gym for our practices since 2004. They are a wonderful congregation. They recently replaced the lighting fixtures in the gym with brighter and more energy efficient equipment upon our request. Please click on following logo to visit their site.

Club picnic photo circa 1993

Pictures taken with Great Grand Master Seo, Jung Hak

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